Tickets Issued for Breach of Public Health Orders: Regina

Regina, Saskatchewan – A second person has been issued a ticket in connection with a recent public gathering in protest of the Province’s Public Health Orders issued to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The gathering, or rally, occurred at Victoria Park in Regina at approximately 1:00 p.m., on March 27, 2021. Police were on hand to monitor this event and noted that the gathering grew to a size of approximately 60 people in attendance. Police observed apparent violations of the Public Health Order which limit, among other things, the size of public gatherings.

Regina Police COVID-19
Regina Police COVID-19

At this time, two adult females have been issued tickets under section 61 of the Saskatchewan Public Health Act for violating the Public Health Orders, in connection with the March 27th event. There will be other tickets served to at least three other individuals in connection with this event; these tickets must be personally served. The Regina Police Service has requested the assistance of the RCMP and another municipal police service in completing this task.

The Regina Police Service reminds the public that the Public Health Orders are law, not a suggestion. At this time, there are public health measures in place specific to the City of Regina and surrounding area, in addition to the province-wide measures. It is recommended people make a habit of checking the public health orders at, or rely on trusted news media to be informed about any changes. Our success in defeating the COVID-19 pandemic relies on everyone’s diligent participation in public health measures.

Regina Police Service

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