Yellowknife RCMP respond to assault downtown

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories – Yellowknife RCMP responded to a call for service in the downtown area of 50th Street at approximately 3:45 pm on June 2.

Upon arrival, RCMP found a male that had sustained injuries in an alleged assault involving a weapon (not firearm). He was transported by the City of Yellowknife Fire Division (Emergency Medical Services) to Stanton Territorial Hospital for treatment.

(File Photo) Ambulance
(File Photo) Ambulance

RCMP cordoned off the immediate area of the incident and began an investigation. The police held the scene while specialized support services attended to assist, including the Yellowknife RCMP General Investigative Section (GIS) and the NT RCMP Forensic Identification Services (FIS).

Once processed, the police released the scene at approximately 6:45 pm.

The investigation is ongoing. At this time, there is no risk to the general public as the individuals involved are believed to be known to one another. A suspect has been identified, however, there are no charges at this time.

Northwest Territories RCMP

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