ASIRT to investigate death of 35-year-old male while in Airdrie RCMP custody

Airdrie, Alberta – Airdrie RCMP responded to an incident on June 6, 2021 at 1:40 p.m., where a 35-year-old male was arrested in relation to an uttering threats investigation.

During the course of the arrest, a struggle ensued and the man was taken to the ground sustaining what appeared to be minor injuries. EMS was called to the scene and the man was placed in the rear of the police vehicle to await their arrival. While seated in the vehicle, the man appeared to deliberately strike his head on the plexiglass shield between the front and rear seats of the police vehicle.

Following EMS arrival on scene and their examination of the man, the decision was made to transport the man to hospital for further assessment and/or treatment. Following examination in hospital, the man was released back into police custody and was transported by RCMP to the Airdrie Detachment cell block later that day.

(File Photo) Ambulance

On June 7 shortly after 9:30 a.m., a Judicial Release Hearing was held and the male was remanded into custody.

Shortly before 12 p.m., EMS was requested to attend the Airdrie Detachment cell block as the male seemed to be in medical distress. Within minutes, prior to EMS arrival, the male became unresponsive. RCMP staff commenced CPR until EMS arrived where they commenced emergency medical treatment. The male was briefly resuscitated and was transported to a local area hospital. Unfortunately, he was subsequently declared deceased at approximately 1:31 p.m.

The RCMP notified the Director of Law Enforcement about this incident. The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has been directed to investigate the circumstances.

The RCMP believes in processes that seek the facts. It’s important that processes taken to assess the actions of all those involved, including the police, are fair, transparent, and defendable. ASIRT will be taking over carriage of the investigation into this incident.

The original investigation and the investigation into the actions of the male will remain the responsibility of the Airdrie RCMP.

Independent of ASIRT’s investigation, the RCMP’s internal review process will also be implemented to fully examine the incident. RCMP training, policy, police response, and the member’s duty status will be subject to review. The RCMP is fully cooperating with ASIRT and will not be commenting further on this incident. All media inquiries about this incident should now be directed to ASIRT at 780-641-9099.

Airdrie RCMP

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