Lethbridge Police tally up “Street Machine” weekend traffic enforcement results

Lethbridge, Alberta – The Lethbridge Police Service, with assistance from Alberta Sheriffs, issued a total of 158 violation tickets under the Traffic Safety Act (TSA) on July 9-10, 2021. The majority of those tickets were issued for equipment violations and operator licence issues, such as suspended or expired licences.

Friday saw 78 tickets issued and one vehicle was towed under Section 66 of the TSA, which provides police with the authority to do on-scene inspections and seize vehicles those with equipment violations.

Lethbridge Police Service
Lethbridge Police Service

Saturday a further 80 tickets were issued. In addition, that evening Lethbridge Police responded to a request from Coaldale RCMP to assist in controlling an extremely large crowd of people and vehicles.

Lethbridge Police wish to thank those who shared their automotive passions with the community and those who took part in organized, Street Machine Weekend activities Saturday and Sunday in a safe and respectful manner. We also acknowledge the number of visitors the event brings to the city, and the economic impact that provides.

There continues to be a certain element, however, which has a negative impact on the community with its dangerous driving behaviours and attitudes that put others in the community at risk. As a result, Lethbridge Police will continue to ensure it has the appropriate resources available for future events of this nature.

Lethbridge Police Service

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