Air 1 assists in arrest of two motorcyclists clocked at 200 km/h on city streets

Edmonton, Alberta – A pair of “highflyers” are facing criminal charges thanks to Northwest Division patrol and Air 1 members, the latter of which kept an eye from the sky on two motorcyclists clocked at over 200 km/h early Sunday morning

At approximately 2 a.m., July 25, 2021, Northwest Division patrol members were conducting proactive patrols on St Albert Trail and 128 Avenue, when they observed two motorcycles travelling southbound at a high rate of speed.

Patrol members clocked the lead motorcyclist travelling at a speed of 134 km/h using laser radar. EPS members then pulled out in an attempt to stay close to the motorcycles, however, both riders continued to drive at dangerous speeds, before racing through a red light at 130 Avenue travelling at approximately 150 km/h.

Air 1 assists in arrest of two motorcyclists clocked at 200 km/h on city streets
Air 1 assists in arrest of two motorcyclists clocked at 200 km/h on city streets

EPS ground unit members did not engage the motorcyclists, choosing instead to enlist Air 1 members to follow the two motorcyclists westbound on the Yellowhead. The riders then took the off-ramp on 170 Street and stopped at a red light. Northwest Division patrol members then pulled in behind the motorcycles, at which time the two riders entered into a criminal flight, running the red light and travelling southbound at approximately 200 km/h.

Northwest Division patrol members did not enter into a pursuit, allowing Air 1 instead to safely maintain visual contact, while both drivers ran multiple red lights and continued to hit dangerous speeds.

The riders were followed to a northwest Edmonton residence, where they parked the bikes inside a garage. Air 1 led patrol members on the ground to one of the riders who was found in the backyard of the residence. The second motorcyclists surrendered to police.

Police then executed a search warrant at the residence, and seized the two motorcycles, motorcycle riding gear and brass knuckles.

Gayath Al Brmawi, 24, and MHD Yasin Souidan, 20, are charged with criminal flight and dangerous operation of a vehicle. Souidan is facing an additional account of possession of a prohibited weapon.

In an effort to provide motorcycle riders with a safer alternative to using Edmonton roads as their speedway, EPS Traffic Section is encouraging motorcycle riders to take their need for speed out to area raceways.

From novice to intermediate riders, the Motorheads “Track Attacks” program offers riders an opportunity to learn how to race their bikes on a safe and closed race course.

The program currently utilizes Stratotech Park in Fort Saskatchewan and Castrol Raceway in Nisku for its training and racing programs.

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