Meth & Cocaine Seized: Two from B.C. Charged by Regina Police Service

Regina, Saskatchewan – Two males are charged following investigation by the Regina Police Service Drug Unit (RDU) in relation to illegal drug trafficking within the cities of Regina and Moose Jaw.

On September 10, 2021, the RDU completed enforcement in Moose Jaw with the assistance of the Regina Crime Reduction Team, Moose Jaw Police Service, and Regina and Moose Jaw SWAT Members. The warrants were executed in the 800 block of 8th Avenue NW, 300 block of Diefenbaker Drive, and one on a vehicle.

As a result of the enforcement, 25 year-old Nikola GALIC of Richmond, BC, and 27 year-old Andrej RANISAVLJEVIC of Burnaby, BC, were arrested in relation to the investigation.

Meth and Cocaine Bust
Meth and Cocaine Bust

The following quantities of controlled substances were seized:

35 grams of cocaine

63 grams of methamphetamine

20,000 unstamped illicit cigarettes

Multiple scales, cell phones, packaging and other items to support drug trafficking substances.

As a result of the enforcement, GALIC and RANISAVLJEVIC were jointly charged with the following:

Possession for the purpose of trafficking Methamphetamine – S.5(2) CDSA

Possession for the purpose of trafficking Cocaine – S.5(2) CDSA

Possession for the purpose of sale of unstamped cigarettes – S.121.1(1) CC

Possession of unstamped tobacco – S. 32(1) Excise Act

GALIC and RANISAVLJEVIC are to make their first court appearances on November 1, 2021.

Regina Police Service

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