Improvised explosive device found in vehicle during Nanaimo, B.C. traffic stop, 29-year-old male arrested

Nanaimo, BC – On July 25, 2021 at 8:40 pm, an Nanaimo RCMP officer, was parked northbound on Townsite Road, Nanaimo, when he observed a white Lexus driving towards him. The officer recognized the Lexus and the occupants, and knew that the individual driving the Lexus was prohibited from operating a motor vehicle.

The officer initiate a stop of the vehicle. The officer also noted that prior to the stop, that the driver and a woman female passenger had switched seats. Based on the officer’s observation, the original driver was arrested for driving while prohibited. The woman passenger was arrested for an existing court order prohibiting her from being with the driver. She was later released and walked away.

The officer saw in plain view in the vehicle, drug paraphernalia commonly used to traffic drugs. An inventory search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of a bulletproof vest, a loaded, sawed-off 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun, rifle and ammunition: Shotgun shells and two loaded rifle magazines were also located. Disturbingly, officers also found what appeared to be a pipe bomb.

File Photo – Explosives

The vehicle was secured and the RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) was called to assist. EDU determined it was in fact an improvised explosive device, and at a safe and undisclosed location, the device was detonated.

The driver Declan O’Reilly, age 29, was arrested and subsequently charged with 7 Firearm offences, including Possession of a firearm while prohibited. He was released on an Undertaking and his next court date is set for September 28, 2021 in Nanaimo Provincial Court.

Cst Sherri Wade, Nanaimo RCMP, said, “The officer’s actions demonstrated the variety of skills that are important to the job: He recognized the vehicle and the occupants. He communicated to nearby officers to assist and he knew that he had the authority to search the trunk, where he found the prohibited weapons and the explosive device.”

File # 2021-27581

Nanaimo RCMP

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