Winnipeg Police look for public assistance to solve year old, life-changing assault case

Winnipeg, Manitoba – On August 8, 2020, 25-year-old Gagandeep was assaulted at a gathering near Keewatin & Burrows.

The assault left him with life-threatening injuries that have permanently affected his ability to speak and walk. He has been lying in bed for one year now.

Officers have carried out an extensive investigation into this matter but have not been able to identify the suspect responsible for this assault.

On August 8, 2020, 25-year-old Gagandeep was assaulted at a gathering near Keewatin & Burrows.
On August 8, 2020, 25-year-old Gagandeep was assaulted at a gathering near Keewatin & Burrows.

We join his family in making this public plea to the community in the hopes that someone can help us, help Gagandeep’s family find some closure and understanding of what has happened by providing any information you might have in this matter.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Winnipeg Police Service.

To speak with a Punjabi officer call 204-619-3738. To leave an anonymous tip call 204-786-8477 or visit Winnipeg Crimestopppers:

Even the smallest piece of information could help.


In his parents’ words:

“Our son has turned 25 years old. After one mishap, everything in his life has changed. He has become totally dependent. He has been lying in the bed for the last eight months. Every day when he wakes up in bed, we have to help him to sit and take him to the washroom. Someone has to stay to take care of him. For six months, I have left my job sitting with him. He was all good, living his life well. Our son too would not talk extra with anyone. He used to mind his own business, going to the gym, meeting his friends. He went to this first party, first time in his life where it happened. We get emotional to see him. Now looking at all these things when he cannot talk, gives me sinking feeling and creates horror in mind. It does show like how a bad time can take a person from one place to another.

First of all, we request of all the community that if someone knows even the smallest information, please tell. That can help us a lot. For the sake of humanity.

Someone has seen it to which I am 100% sure. It is important to tell or come forward for the sake of humanity. It has happened to us today, it could happen to anyone tomorrow.

From the beginning, my thoughts of the community are that they should help us if anyone knows about it. It is no one’s fault, or it is, I don’t know what time has come upon us. The community should help us. We pray to God that it should not happen to anyone’s child because it leads to so many problems. Looking at him all the time, one has to be, our minds always keep sinking inside. It also has to be someone’s son who hurt him.

May God remove such an evil practice from the society so that people don’t hurt anyone. The message we want give is that if we do not help each other, then other communities are not going to help us. It is the biggest thing that as Punjabis we read and listen to Baba Nanak’s teaching. We must help each other. We wish that for God’s sake it does not happen to anyone’s child. We should be helped so that the case can be solved.”

Incident C20-186994

Winnipeg Police Service

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