Two Charged in Forcible Confinement and Weapons Offence: Regina Police

Regina, Saskatchewan – Three people are facing charges after an incident at business in the 700 Block of Albert Street. Officers were dispatched to a report of a bear spray incident at the business shortly before 10:30 a.m. Sunday, October 17, 2021. When they arrived they observed several people who appeared to be suffering from the effects of the bear spray – however, none required medical attention. They were told the attack had taken place on the second floor.

Investigation led officers to a female victim who was in distress in a second-floor room. She alleged that three people, two females and one male, confined her to a chair, threatened her with a firearm and a bladed weapon and then bear-sprayed her before leaving the business. She was able to break free from the restraints. Officers located and arrested the three suspects a short time later.

Forty-three year old James Albert SEAL of Regina is charged with:

2 x Assault With a Weapon [CC 267(A)];

Forcible Confinement [CC 297(2)]; and

Fail to Comply with Conditions of Release [CC145(5)(A)].

SEAL made his first appearance on these charges this morning (Monday, October 18, 2021) in Regina Provincial Court.

Regina Police Service
Regina Police Service

Twenty-four year-old Celina Mary NAYNEECASSUM of Regina is charged with:

2 x Assault With a Weapon [CC 267(A)]; and

Forcible Confinement [CC 297(2)].

Twenty-nine year-old Meguin Sky SCALES of Regina is charged with:

2 x Assault With a Weapon [CC 267(A)]

Forcible Confinement [CC 297(2)]

SCALES and NAYNEECASSUM made their first appearances on these charges in Regina Provincial Court this afternoon (Monday, October 18, 2021).

Regina Police Service

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