Redwater RCMP charge male for attempted arson

Redwater, Alberta – On Dec. 8, 2021, Redwater RCMP received a 911 report that a suspect had threatened to burn down the residence of a homeowner in the town of Redwater. The victim had taken refuge in a bedroom of the residence.

Redwater RCMP arrived at the scene and located and arrested the male suspect outside the residence. RCMP officers then entered the residence and noted a strong odor of what was believed to be propane. Police removed a propane tank and evacuated the homeowner from the residence.

There were no concerns for the safety of neighbouring residences. Emergency Medical Services attended the location and assessed the suspect and victim. Neither suffered any physical injuries as a result of this incident. Doors were left open to ventilate the home and it was determined that no further steps were required to safely allow the occupant to return to the home.

The resulting investigation has led to the following charges against Andrew Ricket (60) of Redwater:

Attempted arson with disregard for human life

Uttering threats (x2)

Assault with a weapon

(File Photo) Firefighter

Following a judicial hearing, Ricket was released with conditions and is next scheduled to appear in Fort Saskatchewan Provincial Court on Jan. 6, 2022.

As this matter is now before the court, no further information can be released.

Redwater RCMP

Eastern Alberta District RCMP

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