Manitoba RCMP arrest male for historical sexual offences; “At the time of his arrest, Troy Innes was employed as a teacher”

Winnipeg, Manitoba – In May 2021, the Manitoba RCMP received a report of historical sexual offences that occurred between January and December of 2010.

At the time the incidents began, the victim was a female teenaged student and the suspect was an adult male teacher employed at a school in the Turtle Mountain School Division.

On December 22, 2021, RCMP officers arrested and charged 39-year-old Troy Innes of Brandon, with Sexual Assault x2, Luring and Sexual Exploitation of a Young Person by a Person in a Position of Trust or Authority.

At the time of his arrest, Troy Innes was employed as a teacher in the Brandon School Division.

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He was released on a number of conditions and is scheduled to appear in court in Killarney on March 8, 2022.

Important information for survivors of sexual assault

Under the Criminal Code, individuals under 18 years old cannot consent to sex where the other consenting party is in a position of trust, authority or there is a dependency on that person.

There’s no time limit to report a sexual assault to police. Even if you were assaulted years ago, you can still report it to police. Many survivors do not report right away, and choose to do so later in their lives. Reporting a sexual assault can help you seek justice and start the healing process.

If you wish to report a sexual assault, you can contact your local police to make a report. If you chose not to report sexual assault to the police directly, you can report the crime through a third party. Third party reporting is when someone else reports the crime to police. It allows survivors who do not want to report the crime directly to ensure police receive a report about the crime.

Klinic Community Health is able to receive third party reports from survivors of sexual assault who are 16 years and older anywhere in Manitoba. In this process, the survivor completes a form with the support of a Sexual Assault Crisis Program worker, and this information is sent to police without the survivor’s identifying information.

For more information on third party reporting please contact Klinic’s 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 204-786-8631 or toll free at 1-888-292-7565.

Manitoba RCMP

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