Overdose patient becomes aggressive; woman arrested

Kamloops, BC – Assisting with a woman who had overdosed turned out to be a dangerous encounter for Kamloops RCMP frontline officers.

On April 12, 2022, around 5 a.m., police received a request to assist ambulance on the 700-block of Notre Dame Drive, where a woman had been revived from an overdose with Narcan, then woke up erratic and yelling. Upon attendance, police could hear screaming in a nearby room. They located the woman and attempted to calm her down.

(File Photo) Overdose

“In response, the woman allegedly kicked, then threw a garbage can toward officers,” said Constable Crystal Evelyn, Kamloops RCMP spokesperson. “Luckily, no one was reported injured as a result of the occurrence.”

The woman was arrested for mischief and lodged in cells to sober up safely, without charge recommendation to follow.

File # 2022-11837

Kamloops RCMP

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