Alberta RCMP raises awareness in recognition of Red Dress Day

Edmonton, Alberta – Today, the Alberta RCMP honours and remembers the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and Two Spirit people in recognition of Red Dress Day.

Each year, red dresses are worn or displayed outside homes and workplaces throughout Canada as a symbol of hope and to raise awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG).

“On Red Dress Day, we remember the many missing and murdered women, girls, and two spirited people across our country’s treaty lands. We mourn with the families whose daughters, sisters, and mothers never returned home,” said Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP. “We not only hold space for the memory of those we have lost, but we also remain steadfast in the hope that we will continue to reconnect individuals with their families, bring resolution to these cases, and give closure to their loved ones.”

“Today and everyday we stand with our Indigenous communities in honouring the many women and girls we have lost,” said Insp. Kim Mueller, Officer in charge of Alberta RCMP Indigenous Policing. “We will continue to raise awareness of the over representation of violence and crimes committed against this vulnerable group and are dedicated to bringing justice to these women – to ensure their voices are heard, even if they can no longer speak for themselves.”

The RCMP has created a document titled “Honouring, Empowering, and Protecting Indigenous Women” to be transparent about the work being done in regards to MMIWG files here in Alberta. The document was created after the Commanding Officer’s Indigenous Advisory Board expressed concerns about the limited data available showing what the RCMP was doing with these file types. This document was created to raise awareness and share information with everyone in the hopes of reducing and eliminating crimes against Indigenous females.

If you or someone you know is impacted by MMIWG, know that health support services are available:

If you have any information regarding an investigation, please call your nearest RCMP detachment directly.

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