Airdrie RCMP partner with auto body shops to improve catalytic converter theft enforcement

Airdrie, Alberta – Throughout the month of May, Airdrie RCMP have been making efforts to further address the ongoing issue of catalytic converter thefts in the community. The lack of ability to identify the victims challenges the ability for police to prosecute offenders. As part of a crime prevention initiative to assist the police in solving these thefts, Airdrie RCMP has reached out to local auto body shops asking that when servicing a vehicle, they offer to their customer, at no expense, the option of etching the last six digits of a vehicle’s VIN on the catalytic converter.

(RCMP) Stolen Catalytic Converters
(RCMP) Stolen Catalytic Converters

The feedback has been positive and will support efforts in reducing crime in Airdrie. It will also provide police the evidence required to link a found catalytic converter to its owner.

If any additional auto body shop is interested in participating in the program, the RCMP will provide them an engraver at no cost to the business. They can contact Airdrie RCMP Cpl Rachel Pergunas at 403-945-7200, Ext 7122, to participate.

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