Update: Protesters charged after attempted bridge blockade: Vancouver Police

Vancouver, BC – Three alleged protesters have been criminally charged following an attempted blockade on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Monday morning.

Vancouver Police arrested the demonstrators during rush-hour, after they allegedly drove a car onto the bridge and attempted to lock themselves inside.

Kathleen Higgins, 28, William Winder, 69, and Deborah Tin Tun, 37, are all charged with mischief. They were released from custody after attending court and agreeing not to deliberately block or impede traffic on any roadway in B.C.

Two additional protesters arrested during the attempted blockade are due back in court at a later date to face charges.

Vancouver Police make arrests, seizes vehicles during rush-hour protest
Vancouver Police make arrests, seizes vehicles during rush-hour protest

Vancouver Police Department


June 13, 2022

Vancouver – Vancouver Police made five arrests and seized multiple vehicles Monday morning to prevent protesters from blockading rush-hour traffic on the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge.

“Unlawful protests that clog vital pieces of infrastructure put peoples’ safety at risk,” says Sergeant Steve Addison. “While we support everyone’s right to lawfully assemble and peacefully express their views, the Vancouver Police Department will continue to work proactively to prevent illegal protests and allow people to safely move around the region.”

Vancouver Police deployed officers early Monday morning after environmental protesters announced plans to blockade infrastructure throughout the region. VPD officers quickly located and seized three unoccupied vehicles that had been strategically placed by protesters near the Iron Workers Bridge. Police believe the vehicles were intended to be used by protesters to block bridge traffic.

VPD officers also intervened and arrested four people who attempted to lock themselves to a steering wheel inside a car on the bridge deck.

“Our officers worked quickly to prevent a prolonged blockade on the bridge and to keep traffic moving,” adds Sergeant Addison. “Although we avoided major delays, many people were still impacted while we worked to restore order. We thank everyone for their patience and support during this challenging situation.”

Five protesters were arrested, and four vehicles were seized Monday morning by Vancouver Police.

Vancouver Police Department

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