Good Samaritan turns over large sum of money to Mounties

Nanaimo, BC – If you recently lost a significant amount of money, you can thank a Good Samaritan for finding it then turning over to the RCMP for safekeeping. The money was found approximately 3 weeks ago on a sidewalk in a north end Nanaimo neighbourhood.

The 37-year-old man who found the cash, told police he had just headed out for his morning run and it was around 7:30 AM when his eye caught sight of what appeared to be Canadian currency lying on the sidewalk. He stopped to pick it up when he saw more bills strewn about. He didn’t see an envelope anywhere and it appeared that the money had originally been folded over. He picked all of it up then carried on with his run. Upon returning home, he called the police who came to his and took possession of the money.

Canadian Cash
(File Photo) Canadian Cash

Our Good Samaritan was quite shocked by the amount of cash there was and just hopes that the owner can be found and gets reunited with their money, said R/Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

The amount of money is somewhere between $200-$2000. If you recently lost a significant amount of money, give us a call at 250-754-2345, and quote file # 2022-19186.

File # 2022-19186

Nanaimo RCMP

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