Lethbridge Police respond to reports of cougar sighting

Lethbridge, Alberta – Lethbridge Police responded Saturday to multiple reports of a cougar seen within city limits.

Police received a call about 10 p.m. on July 16, 2022 that a cougar had been seen in the area of the Lethbridge College. The caller was referred to Alberta Fish and Wildlife.

A second, similar report was received about an hour later from another caller. Police responded and searched the area but were unable to locate the cougar. The reports are unconfirmed.

Lethbridge Police respond to reports of cougar sighting
Lethbridge Police respond to reports of cougar sighting

If there is a public safety risk due to a predatory animal, the initial call should be to Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 403-382-4371, or after hours, at 1-800-642-3800. In the event of an emergency or imminent risk, call 911.

The following information is provided by Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services.

If you see a cougar in the distance:

Do not run or turn your back

If the cougar appears to be unaware of your presence, gather children and pets in close, slowly and cautiously back away and leave the area.

If a cougar is hissing and snarling or staring intently and tracking your movements, do not run, and do not play dead. Make yourself look big and speak loudly. If the cougar makes contact, fight back and don’t give up. Use all means at your disposal

If you see a cougar in your backyard:

Ensure that all people and pets are brought inside

Give the cougar enough space to leave the yard

Notify your neighbours, and the nearest Fish and Wildlife office.

Learn more about reducing conflict with cougars here.

Lethbridge Police Service

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