Community survey shows strong support for Lethbridge Police Service

Lethbridge, Alberta – Lethbridge Police have received the results of the 2022 Community Survey showing more than three-quarters of respondents are satisfied with the services provided by the department.

The survey, completed late this spring , collected feedback from residents on their perceptions of the LPS, community safety and citizen priorities that will assist the police service as it plans for the next four years.

Lethbridge Police
Lethbridge Police (File Photo)

“Effective community policing requires an ongoing dialogue with our citizens and a collaborative approach to identifying community needs and problem-solving,” said Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh. “Understanding perceptions and priorities is key to identifying potential gaps and taking steps to ensure our work to create a safe community for all is meeting the needs of our residents.”

A total of 78 per cent of respondents indicated they were satisfied with the services provided by LPS, with 86 per cent ranking the Service’s performance as adequate to good. A total of 14 per cent rated the overall performance of LPS as poor to very poor, with high crime rate and slow response times among the top reasons why.

Eighty-four per cent of respondents ranked both the level of professionalism by LPS officers and their ability meeting expectations to keep the community safe as good to very good.

When asked about perceptions of safety, 71 per cent of respondents indicated Lethbridge is a safe community overall, however directional comparisons with previous surveys shows a downward trend. Specifically, perceptions of safety prior to 2020 consistently tracked above 90 per cent.

Among the top reasons attributed to safety concerns were drugs, an increase in crime, homelessness and police staffing issues. Nearly one in four respondents also indicated LPS was understaffed.

Property Crime, drug crime and crimes against persons were identified as the top three policing priorities and a majority of respondents indicated they’d like to see police focus more on crime prevention strategies and increase community visibility. About one-third indicated they’d also like to see more traffic enforcement.

“While our overall crime rate decreased in 2021 compared to the previous year, we know opportunistic crimes such as property crimes continue to have a significant impact,” said Mehdizadeh. “We’re committed to continuing to work with the community on strategies to help address the root causes of these crimes, reduce opportunities and increase the overall capacity of LPS.”

The 2022 Community Survey was conducted by IPSOS using a statistically valid phone survey balancing an even mix of gender, age, income level, education, areas of the city household size and years living in Lethbridge. The survey reached residents by both landline and cell phone and randomly called participants helping to get an even representation from the sometimes silent majority.

Lethbridge Police Service

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