Edmonton Police Firearms Investigation Unit continues to make an impact

Edmonton, Alberta – The EPS Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) continues to investigate multiple shootings that have occurred throughout 2022.

In August, EPS launched investigations into 14 reported shootings throughout the city, 12 of which were believed to be targeted occurrences. Nine of these shootings resulted in injuries; eight of these incidents had the potential for innocent bystanders, including children, to be harmed.

107 Shootings so far in 2022 for Edmonton
107 Shootings so far in 2022 for Edmonton (File Photo)


“Shooting investigations can be lengthy and are often very complex requiring many resources,” explained Staff Sgt. Eric Stewart, of the EPS Guns and Gang Section. “Getting cooperation from witnesses or complainants involved in these investigations can be challenging and frustrating at times. We want to hold individuals responsible for reckless gun crime accountable and to do that we need cooperation from the public.”

There have been 107 shootings reported to EPS so far this year, 53% of which have resulted in injury. A total of 89 of these shootings were targeted offences. At this time last year, 112 shooting occurrences had been reported to police.

Police have seized 40 firearms from vehicles in 2022 YTD: 13 shotguns, 13 rifles, 14 pistols. Another 43 air guns were also confiscated.

Of note, at this time last year, there were 85 firearms seized from vehicles. Another 86 air guns were also confiscated for a total of 171 firearms.

A total of 452 firearms have been taken off Edmonton city streets and processed by FIU members thus far in 2022. Last year at this time, a total of 697 firearms were seized by police.

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