19-year-old accidentally shot while target shooting with friends

RM of St. Clements, Manitoba – On September 24, 2022, at approximately 12:55 pm, Selkirk RCMP received a report of a 19-year-old male, from Winnipeg, who had been accidentally shot while he and his three friends, all from Winnipeg, were target shooting on a rural property located off Road 84 N, north of Selkirk near Highway 59.

The victim was transported to Winnipeg hospital with non-life threatening injuries, where he remains in stable condition.

(File Photo)

The preliminary investigation determined the four males were shooting at targets from a distance of approximately 25 metres in a grassy area off of a side road. The victim began walking towards the targets and was struck.

Officers arrested the 19-year-old male who had fired the shot and later released him for a court appearance scheduled January 13, 2023, in Selkirk. He is charged with Careless Use of a Firearm, Discharge Firearm while being Reckless and Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm.

At the scene, officers located and seized four rifles and ammunition.

Selkirk RCMP continue to investigate.

Selkirk RCMP

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