Canmore RCMP charge 4 after numerous theft complaints; “vast amount of stolen property was recovered”

Canmore, Alberta – On Sept. 17, 2022, Canmore RCMP received numerous reports from citizens that their vehicles and garages had been entered unlawfully. Witnesses reported a large white truck leaving the scene. RCMP responded and located the suspect vehicle and were able to apprehend four males within the vehicle.

File Photo – Theft

A vast amount of stolen property was recovered, including:

mountain bikes


power tools

garage door openers


Also located in the vehicle was a sawed off rifle and numerous knives, machetes and a sword.

While conducting their investigation, officers were able to locate the keys to a vehicle that was stolen earlier in the night and were able to determine the location of that stolen vehicle, recovering it as well as other stolen property. Most of the property has been identified and returned to its owners.

Four males have been charged with possession of stolen property, careless storage of a firearm, as well as numerous counts of breaching release order, prohibition orders, and undertaking.

Canmore RCMP

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