VPD issues warning about man who poses serious risk to public safety – BACK IN CUSTODY

Vancouver, BC – Bryce Michael Flores-Bebington, the subject of a VPD public warning two days ago, is back in custody – arrested just 24 hours after being released from jail.

A VPD officer was working near Burrard and Pender Street Saturday afternoon when he observed Flores-Bebington breaching one of his court-ordered bail conditions. The suspect, 19, was re-arrested and returned to jail.

He remains in custody pending his next court date.


Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Police are warning the public that 19-year-old Bryce Michael Flores-Bebington poses a risk of significant harm to public safety in relation to alleged unprovoked physical and sexual violence against strangers.

Flores-Bebington is currently charged with one count of assault and one count of uttering threats in relation to an incident that occurred in Vancouver on October 2, 2022. He is also charged with two counts of sexual assault in relation to incidents that occurred on July 6 and July 7, 2022 in Vancouver.

19-year-old Bryce Michael Flores-Bebington
19-year-old Bryce Michael Flores-Bebington

Flores-Bebington has met the legislated requirements for bail and has been released from custody. His conditions include the following:

Reside at a location directed by the courts

Take all medication prescribed

Not to possess or carry weapons

Not to be in the area bounded by Thurlow Street to the west, Pender Street to the north, Homer Street to the east, and Pacific Boulevard to the south

VPD is asking the public to call 9-1-1 and not to approach if they observe Flores-Bebington breaching these conditions.

Vancouver Police Department

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