Public apology – A statement from the Codiac Regional RCMP; “incorrect next of kin notification”

Moncton, New Brunswick – On behalf of the Codiac Regional RCMP, I want to express our profound regret and sincere apologies for the incorrect next of kin notification that was conducted following a recent sudden death in our community. I know this will have deep and lasting impacts on both families involved, as well as on the wider community. I have spoken with the families to offer my apologies personally.


We are reviewing the incident, as well as the application of our policies and procedures, to find out exactly what happened, and we are committed to take every step possible to ensure this does not happen again.

The Codiac Regional RCMP is an active public safety partner in the tri-city area in addressing complex societal issues that require assistance from all levels of government, emergency services, and the community. We strive to respond to all incidents with professionalism, integrity and respect. I want to reaffirm our commitment to serving the public with compassion for the very real and difficult circumstances facing so many in our communities. There are times we can do better and you have my assurance we will.

Codiac Regional RCMP

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