Banff RCMP and Canadian Pacific Police investigate pedestrian death on Canadian Pacific Rail Line; “believed to be wearing ear buds”

Banff, Alberta – Dec. 29, 2022, Banff RCMP and Canadian Pacific Police (CPP) responded to a sudden death involving a pedestrian trespassing on the CP main line at Banff, Alta.

Train Versus Pedestrian - Fatality
Train Versus Pedestrian – Fatality

A westbound CP intermodal container train contacted a 19-year-old female pedestrian while she walked westbound on CP’s main line through Banff. The female was believed to be wearing ear buds at the time of the incident which may have contributed to failing to hear the approaching train. The female was pronounced deceased at the scene, and a RCMP Collision Reconstructionist was consulted.

The line is now clear.

Banff RCMP

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