The Pas RCMP utilize “snowbulance” to locate female in medical distress

The Pas, Manitoba – On December 31, 2022, at approximately 5:20 pm, The Pas RCMP received a report of an 81-year-old female in need of emergency medical assistance. The female was in a remote trappers cabin, only accessible by snowmobile, approximately 48 kilometres south of The Pas.

Officers assessed the situation, and with the assistance and knowledge from a local elder, it was determined that a helicopter extraction would not be possible.

Transport pods
Transport pods (RCMP)

A rescue team consisting of two RCMP officers, two local paramedics, and a local area guide was formed. The team utilized two RCMP snowmobiles and two transport pods (known as “snowbulances” designed for medical equipment and patient transportation on snow) and the female patient was safely located and transported to hospital in stable condition.

“This was a unique and challenging situation due to the remoteness of the area,” said A/Sgt. Colin Stark of The Pas RCMP. “The success of this rescue was directly related to good planning, excellent teamwork, and our partnerships with local knowledge experts.”

The Pas RCMP

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