Update 4: Alberta wildfire situation (May 7, 6:10 p.m.)

VIDEO: RCMP Response to Wildfires – May 6, 2023

Edmonton, Alberta – May 06, 2023 – In response to the threat of multiple wildfires burning throughout the province, Alberta has declared a provincial state of emergency to ensure the safety, health and welfare of Albertans.

Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP
Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP

Emergency responders are working around the clock to keep people safe and reduce the threat to homes and infrastructure.

Under the Emergency Management Act, declaring a state of emergency is a legal mechanism that provides the provincial government with a higher level of intergovernmental coordination, around the clock monitoring of the situation, access to emergency discretionary funds, the ability to mobilize additional supports and continue working with municipalities, organizations and businesses to support evacuated residents.

The Emergency Management Cabinet Committee continues to meet regularly to respond to the current wildfire situation across the province. Cabinet continues to have decision-making abilities, and will make decisions as needed to deal with this emergency situation.

The ministries involved in the Emergency Management Cabinet Committee include Alberta Public Safety and Emergency Services, Alberta Skilled Trades and Professions, Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Alberta Municipal Affairs, Alberta Health, Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism, Alberta Seniors, Community and Social Services, Alberta Indigenous Relations, Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors, Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation and Alberta Energy.

Department officials will continue providing daily technical briefings to the media and the public as this situation continues to evolve. A daily situation report will also be issued via news release.

The most up-to-date evacuation information is available at alberta.ca/emergencyAlberta Emergency Alert or by downloading the Alberta Emergency Alert mobile app, which immediately pushes all alerts out to subscribers. Albertans seeking information or supports can call 310-4455.

Anyone who has been evacuated due to wildfires is asked to register at local reception centres or at emergencyregistration.alberta.ca.

Edmonton — Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP, will be making a statement concerning the RCMP’s participation in the current Alberta wildfire response.

RCMP and responders have experienced some issues with drones being flown in the area of wildfire operations. Operating a drone too close to a wildfire is a crime that not only presents safety risks, but also inhibits responder’s ability to respond to a fire. For more information about these risks please follow this Alberta government link. How we fight wildfires | Alberta.ca

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