Slave Lake RCMP investigate fatal motor vehicle collision involving a 3-year-old pedestrian

Slave Lake, Alberta – On May 23, 2023, at 7:16 p.m., Slave Lake RCMP responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian in the southeast quadrant of Slave Lake.

Pedestrian Fatality
(File Photo) Pedestrian Fatality

Slave Lake RCMP, along with fire services and emergency medical services, attended the scene.

As a result of the collision, a three-year-old child, a resident of Slave Lake, was transported to the Slave Lake Healthcare center. Despite life saving efforts, the child succumbed to their injuries.

Preliminary investigation indicates a pickup truck travelling down the roadway collided at a low rate of speed with the pedestrian who appeared suddenly and unexpectedly in front of them.

Slave Lake RCMP continue to investigate this collision and no further updates are anticipated.

Slave Lake RCMP

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