Montague RCMP Detachment intentionally rammed

Montague, PEI – August 8, 2023 Montague PEI – A building at the Montague RCMP Detachment was intentionally rammed three times today at 12:30 pm by a 32- year- old Kings County man in a pick-up truck, causing significant damages. Police located the man in the Detachment parking lot where he was arrested without incident.

Montague RCMP Detachment intentionally rammed.
Montague RCMP Detachment intentionally rammed.

“Damages to the detached building go from the concrete footing all the way up to the soffit, and will require the rebuilding of the entire side of this building,” says Corporal Gavin Moore, Media Relations Officer PEI RCMP.

RCMP expect to lay damage to property charges, and the man will appear in provincial court tomorrow morning. No one was injured in this incident.

Montague RCMP

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