West Shore Mounties rescue injured beaver

West Shore, BC – On September 5 at 6:14 in the morning, the West Shore RCMP received a report of a beaver in the street on Millstream Road near Bear Mountain Parkway in Langford. The animal was alive, but would not move for cars, and was believed to be injured.

Police officers attended and located the beaver, who later identified as an adolescent female, who was very distressed, shaking, and could not seem to walk. And it was suspected that she may have been struck by a car.

West Shore Mounties rescue injured beaver
West Shore Mounties rescue injured beaver

The officers contacted the Animal Control Emergency Line and BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre for a consultation and learned that the beaver definitely required medical assistance, however due to the early hour, no one was available to come and collect her.

The officers made the decision to transport the beaver themselves, using a dog control snare and a tarp to safely move her into a police car. The beaver was quite upset so great care had to be taken to both avoid causing her any further injury, and also to keep her from biting the officers.

Once safely in a police car, the beaver was taken to Wild ARC where the staff were standing by to receive her and administer medical attention.

The latest update from Wild ARC is that the beaver is in good spirits, and is expected to make a full recovery.

“These officers took it upon themselves to go above and beyond and ensure that the beaver received the best possible chance at survival,” said Cst. Andrew Matheson, West Shore RCMP Media Relations Officer.

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West Shore RCMP

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