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Alberta Police Report has grown up and has been re-born as Canada Police Report. We now publish police media reports for almost all provinces in Canada but continue to focus on Western Canada.   The new “Eastern Canada” Edition covers many eastern police headlines.

Canada Police Report is a database of official media releases made public by police departments across Canada.  All reports are written by police media departments. Reports are published, unaltered. Contact information is located at the bottom of each report. If you have a tip, please contact the submitting police agency.

Reports are made available to the public via our web app for a limited time period.  Missing persons reports are removed soon after the person has been located unless a crime is involved.

CAPR is self-supporting and does not use any public funds.  Our “web staff” consist of paid and volunteer civilians, mostly retired firefighters, on a mission to eliminate criminals from our streets.  Please do your part by contacting police with your tips.

For security reasons, Canada Police Report does not provide a business location, telephone number or identify staff to the public.