September 30, 2023

Welcome to “Canuck Explorer” – The Ultimate Experience

The journey begins on October 1, 2023.

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Join the Canuck Explorer as he embarks on a Western Canada challenge tour to see first hand how Canadians are making out in this crazy upside-down world we live in. Many Canadians have been forced to live in their vehicles and tents because they can no longer afford rent or a mortgage payment.  The Canuck Explorer will be doing the same,  living in a vehicle and a tent, on their level, as he travels the country to meet and talk with people forced to accept a much lesser place in life, and not by choice. The news can not be trusted to tell Canadians what is really going on, so Canuck Explorer will set out to discover the real truth and share what he learns with all Canadians.


It’s time to do some exploring and the Canuck Explorer is inviting you to join him on a year-long adventure sponsored by the readers of Canada Police Report. For the past several years the Canuck Explorer has been very interested in off-grid camping and follows many YouTubers, as they explore the world camping in everything from tents to RV’s, and everything in between.

For his adventure, Canuck Explorer will be camping in an un-modified SUV equipped with all the equipment he will need to survive and travel from one place to another as well as broadcast a radio show every Sunday. We want to see how Canadians are doing and have teamed up with Canuck Explorer to find out. He will talk to them on the streets, in the campgrounds and away from it all on Crown lands. Canuck Explorer is going to find out just how well they are doing in a country where many can no longer afford the basics of life.

The Canuck Explorer will share his experience of learning to live with much less, in an SUV and a tent. He will document his journey on YouTube as well as TikTok and on the Canada Police Report website ( Once a week he will do a live radio show right from his campsite. Canuck Explorer hopes everyone will join him for an adventure of a lifetime.


Video Streams:

Canuck Explorer YouTube channel @canuckexplorer

Canada Police Report TikTok channel @canadapolicereport

Radio Stream:

1 All Hits Radio – Live weekly radio show from onsite


Would you like to share your story with the Canuck Explorer when he is in your area? Let us know by sending an e-mail to our team here at Canada Police Report. Our address can be found under the contact tab or by tapping here.