UFO in TV Documentary Captures Attention of Amateur Researcher

(Travel Channel) UFO clearly visible in old painting of Mary.
(Travel Channel) UFO clearly visible in old painting of Mary.

A recent episode of the Travel Channel program “World’s Most Unexplained” has captured the attention of an Amateur UFO Researcher from the United States of America.

The documentary showed a painting that clearly depicts an unidentified flying object.

Indiana, USA researcher Dennis Lyall had this to say about the image, ”
OK, everyone always seems to focus on just one thing but never sees the big picture. As you can see in this video there is a much larger craft above and (behind) her head. As I point it out, so why hasn’t anyone noticed it. Go take a look for yourself and as always don’t take my word for it.”

Lyall is not pointing out the “obvious” UFO in the painting, but the much larger UFO partially obscured by the woman’s head, on the right side. He believes this is a much larger UFO and everyone is over-looking the object because of the obvious.

Source: dlyall26 / YouTube



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